Good news for those who have been wondering how to edit a Joomla , Wordpress , Drupal etc, website using your mobile phone. Your prayers have been listened to.

The problem has, until now, been that the mobile browsers did not effectively handle the contenteditable function that triggers the caret (keyboard) to appear so that one can type in the content within your sites content editor (JCE , tiny etc).

This ,luckily for all site owners, changed recently with the release of Firefox Beta for mobile and Joooid version 1.4.



So far I have only tested both on an Android Samsung Galaxy S2 device and they worked well. Apparently iPhones with iOS5 should already be able to have functioning browser content editors but I have not personally tested this yet or seen any valuable reviews on the topic.

I personally found the Firefox beta experience to be better than the Joooid experience since Firefox feels just like the regular web experience we are used to. Joooid has a rudimentary editor and requires you to have web services enabled from within your Joomla installation but it works to change content.

It might take a while before the standard Android webkit browser or other browsers have this functionality built in but at least we are moving in the right direction. For those of you who don't as yet meet the hardware requirements to install the new Firefox Beta for mobile you can still use PowerMail for Joomla to email new content to your website but editing articles will have to remain out of your reach for now.