How to crop a picture

This tutorial uses Irfanview which is a lightweight graphics program that makes life much easier when it comes to general graphics tasks and image viewing.



To crop a picture means that you "Cut out" a part of the picture and throw away the rest. The advantage of this is that you can create new images by removing the unwanted portions of any image.

In Irfanview you draw a box around the area you want to keep by clicking and draging the mouse over the required area.

You then go to the Edit menu and select "Crop selection". The area inside the selected area is kept and the rest disapprears.

You can undo your actions by pressing the Ctrl + Z keys on your keyboard.

There is a useful feature called Auto Crop Borders which will cut away the solid backgound around your image. This is more clearly seen and understood by viewing the video above.

There are many different ways to crop a picture but the way we described here is a very quick and easy way to do it. Find a way that suites you best.

Irfanview can work on MAC using an emulator such as WineBottler or Darwine. For Linux users you can use Wine or any other windows emulator.